solar eclipse.

desktop setup.

We got around to switching up our office. We started with getting a 10ft piece of rubberwood. It’s great because it’s completely smooth and resembles a butcherblock. It’s crazy heavy though.

We set that upon tressel legs from IKEA. Files cabinets from CB2. Mounted the LG 34in Ultrawide on an arm. Really love the light and new space. It really forces us not to accumlate too much junk!

apple pencil skin.

The white Apple pencil has a weird appearance. A sterile wand of white. I wanted mine to look different from a twisted doctor’s probing tool. It’s completely frivolous but this skin makes your pencil look like… a pencil. Novel. A coupon online for Slickwraps made this $3.50.

It was easy enough to apply as it’s just a sticker. The front part overlapped too much so I carefully trimmed that a little. Only thing that’s not great is that there is an overlap to the design which is sticky and catches lint. But hardly noticeable.

I also wanted to get a different cap for the lightening cover as they look super easy to lose. I didn’t want a goofy leash either. So I got a pack of multicolor ones Amazon and stuck on the pink one.

i super customized my dodocase ipad pro setup.

I’ve been a long time fan of the Dodocase. Ever since they first came out. I even still have my 508/100 First Edition card.

But the time has come that using their setup is getting limited. When I upgraded to the iPad Pro a few weeks ago, I wanted to use the Pencil, a Keyboard and keep my Dodocase. The Dodocase I had didn’t have the little loop for the pencil yet so I solved that.

After checking out reviews online and in person almost EVERY keyboard on the market including trying to hack my own setup, I finally decided the Apple Smart Keyboard was the most practical because it’s so slim and easily removable. If only it could work with my Dodocase…

I probably wouldn’t have done this if I paid full retail for the Dodocase and the ridiculously expensive Apple Silicon back. But I actually got them both included with the iPad Pro that I bought on eBay. So hack away.

I started by carefully ripping out the Dodocase tray. This tray sucks anyway. I broke off one of thin plastic strips by the volume keys the first time I took my iPad out of this case. The one by the smart connector went next. The Dodocase for the Mini didn’t have these. I had to cut it off completely and sand it down.

With a little elbow grease, it came out. A heat gun probably would’ve helped.

I then used Permatex RTV Silicon Adhesive (this is important as most adhesives don’t stick to silicon) to glue the Apple Silicon Back into the Dodocase book cover. And TA-DA!!! Of course, you won’t be able to close the Dodocase with the keyboard attached but that wasn’t the point. I liked just quickly removing the keyboard and I’m back to my Dodocase’d iPad Pro.

my custom apple pencil sleeve.

I recently upgraded to an iPad Pro 9.7 and was looking for a carrying solution for the slippery-as-soap Apple Pencil. Some good solutions online but as usual, nothing perfect and increasingly hard trying to force the Dodocase into other accessory ecosystems.

After Laura showed me how to use the sewing machine, decided to try my hand at a homebrew solution.

Took the felt fabric from an Air New Zealand toiletry kit and 30 minutes later… VOILA!