mammoth 2015.

la to montecito.

First trip of the year: we took Charlie on a day rip up to Montecito. Ate some great food. Saw some cool places to retire. Took some lasting pictures of our almost 11 year old dog.

leather key fobs.

Had some scrap leather laying around and got carried away. Aluminum spacers and hardware from the local True Value.

myrna’s new years bash.

midori traveler’s journal.

Laura put together this awesome journal. I’ve never seen anything like it… of course… Japanese although the leather is from Thailand. I would defintely get one for myself if my handwriting was better.

We went to Baum-kuchen to get it:
3423 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles CA 90065

But you can also buy them off Amazon.

Midori Traveler’s Journal.