happy new year!


dodocase for iPad mini 4.

Dear DodoCase, Will you be coming out with a new case for the iPad mini 4? No? Then I won’t be upgrading my iPad.

I was a bit bummed when Dodocase said they weren’t going to release their classic case with the bamboo tray for the iPad Mini 4. I am always a sucker for the original design although I knew in my heart the bamboo tray (after 3 DodoCases) never really held up great.

But when I found a great price for the new little iPad, I decided to pull the trigger and go with new case design. It’s been 6 years since I got my first Dodocase… still an awesome product and loyal customer. The quality is still beautiful and although I still think the bamboo tray “looks” better, I know that this perfectly fitting molded case will function better in the long run. On their site, it said that this new case design was to retain the thinness of the Mini 4… it’s really only marginally thinner but still welcome.

It’s definitely a nice updated “more modern” case, loses a bit of the classic book look but is a lot more functional.

I’ve secretly kept switching my original library card into my current case.

happy new years!

merry hard graft christmas.

I’ve been eyeing Hard Graft products for a while now. Really love their leather and thought the wool felt and leather combo was very interesting and classy. This holiday, they ran a free shipping special and I thought I’d have Laura get me a new wallet for Christmas!

What I really wanted was this Wild Pocket Wallet in Classic Brown. I emailed them inquiring and they said they didn’t have plans for it… I have NO IDEA WHY? It’s their “classic” brown color and they already were making the Wild iPhone Case in that color. Oh well.

It forced me to get two other wallets: the Box Card Case, and the Slim Card Case.

My hope was that I could pull the cord out of the Slim Card Case creating a wallet albeit with two hole on each side. My fall back was to use the Box Card Case without the cord leaving one more pleasant hole a the bottom.

Well, neither plan really worked out. The Slim Card Case was too thin… could probably only fit 2 credit cards so I didn’t bother cutting the cord and instead Laura kept it as an ID holder for work… the fanciest ID holder. The Box Card Case I carried as a wallet for a bit. The cord unwrapped without needing to cut. It was nice but the wool added a bit of needless padding to the case. It would do but I didn’t love it.

So before the shipping special ended, I ordered one more! A Turn Key Pouch. The Turn Key Pouch is just barely tall enough to fit credit cards… could probably use a few more millimeters. I had to cut the cord to pull it from the bottom leaving two hardly noticeable holes. This worked out pretty well and I would say is the ULTIMATE minimalistic wallet. Four cards and 4-5 bills. I sewed it together closer to the top so it didn’t open as wide. So far, I am really liking it.

As far as the Hard Graft products, they really are absolutely lovely. The leather is beautiful and I like the little red and white ribbon accent. Nice discreet logo. I do feel the leather and felt combo is nice but maybe not for the pocket as it adds extra bulk. So excited to try this little creation of mine out for the next few months.

Hard Graft Website