paris, france.

Went to Paris for vacation and the bombing of 10/13/2015 ended up being the last night we were there. A bit crazy that night and the following day getting out but everyone was civil and relatively organized at CDG. Otherwise, the trip was wonderful and Paris is a beautiful city with an interesting personality of it’s own. We saw pretty much everything in the city with some intense 10-13 mi of walking per day. Hope the city is recovering and our hearts go to them.

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fujifilm x100t.

I’m always on the lookout for small cameras to use when I don’t feel like lugging around my DSLR. Have been through most of the Canon G and S series cameras. And most recently had the Panasonic GF1 and GX1 for a couple years which I was pretty happy with size and handling but the images were always a bit magenta even with lots of RAW adjustments. Picked up a Sony RX100II and loved the images coming out of it but hate how slow it was to turn on with the protruding lens. AF was a bit slow too.

SO. Finally succumbed to the hype and bit the bullet on a Fuji X100T. Man is this a nice camera. Build quality is excellent and satisfies my desire to try a rangefinder. It’s a bit bigger than I hoped but the image quality that comes out of it is superb. I guess that APS-C sized sensor is really everything they say. The Fuji process baked in also works really well although I am still sticking to RAW processing. AF is a bit slow but so far, learning to use it. Hopefully, this one sticks for a while.

Some photos of the camera with a little leather hand strap I made.

new series shooting. more trips to new zealand.

alex and cindy get married!

Beautiful wedding in Asheville N.C.

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charlie turns 11.

Charlie got his favorite breakfast for his 11th birthday!

Afterwards, he was C-R-A-Z-Y happy!