evergoods cpl24.

I’ve been carrying the GoRuck GR1 for 8 years. I have one of the original versions with the mesh net in the main compartment that’s slightly narrower and taller than the current generation. It’s been on safari’s, it’s been in pitch meetings, it’s been on a USO tour, it’s been on the red carpet. We’ve seen 11 countries together. I loved it. I still love it. BUT —

For every day use, I was interested in something lighter. The overuse of molle straps and military looks in other bags ultimately was a trend that, for me, got old and sent me looking for something new.

I was set on the DSPTCH Daypack and got it but for various reasons returned it.

Then I saw the Evergoods CPL24 bag on Kickstarter. It looked perfect. A bit of a gamble but the founders (one from Patagonia, other from GoRuck) seemed like they could deliver. They did…

After an almost unbearable wait, I finally got the bag. AND IT’S GREAT.

Excellent clean and discrete design, love the vertical front zipper — it just makes more sense so you aren’t digging stuff from the bottom of a traditional pocket. I actually sought forever this bag with a vertical zipper I saw in Japan but alas could never figure out what it was.

Although the GR1’s 1000D is bomb proof, I’ve always been a fan of the 500D lightweight, refined feel. Plus, small details like strap wings to hold your laptop bag flat is genius. You can see their full set of features straight from the horses mouth.

Of course, I had to do a little customizing (don’t be mad, Evergoods). Grown to love the paracord/shrink tube zippers. So replaced the front zippers. Removed the plastic plate -— they have a nice zippered compartment inside the laptop sleeve for the back plate; came out in a breeze. And added a molle panel from Greyman Tactical for the pouch kit I’ve been using in my GoRuck. The 10.75×17 fits perfect. Agh, GR1 familiarity.

There is one design choice that’s buggin’ me. They have these two sleeves around the straps that you can loop a hydration tube through. But when you put the bag on, those two sleeves have a tendency to pop up forming a scoop of sorts.

Just a little odd looking. If they extended that sleeve a bit more or used an elastic, would prevent that maybe. Small thing.

It was going to take a lot for a bag to supplant my GR1 and I’m not running out to sell my GR1 just yet but looking forward to giving the CPL24 a real run at it.


Original zipper pulls.

happy new year!

bigidesign bit bar.

I’m always looking for great EDC tools. Leatherman type multitools are great but they are usually chocked full of tools that I don’t usually use. More than anything, I’m on the philips and flathead screwdrivers. And recently, I’ve liked tools that don’t have blades — just makes it easier to leave in my backbag for travel.

I ended up backing the BigiDesign Bit Bar on Kickstarter and got the nylon version and IT CAME TODAY! Actually my first Kickstarter but I’ve got something else come end of this year.

First impressions are great. This thing is very nicely constructed. The design is interesting. You squeeze the handle and that pushes the tray of bits out. Select one and it fits into the receiver at the top. Very tidy and ingeneous.

The bits fit perfectly. The magnet that holds them there is strong. Strong enough that you can stick this on a file cabinet or toolbox. I didn’t get the rachet tool but got the extension. The fit of the extension has a little wiggle but ultimately will probably be okay.

I didn’t opt for the titanium version. I was hoping this nylon/fiberglass version would be more similar to a G10 handle. It sorta is but without the texture, it feels flimsier although you can tell it’s a super strong composite. It’s just the feel of it in your hand.

I previously had the Fix-It-Sticks which I still like for their torque power. Will probably move that to my snowboarding bag. Looking forward to putting the Bit Bar through its paces!

solar eclipse.

desktop setup.

We got around to switching up our office. We started with getting a 10ft piece of rubberwood. It’s great because it’s completely smooth and resembles a butcherblock. It’s crazy heavy though.

We set that upon tressel legs from IKEA. Files cabinets from CB2. Mounted the LG 34in Ultrawide on an arm. Really love the light and new space. It really forces us not to accumlate too much junk!