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if you want to get a Strider…

Get an SNG. I tried a PT first because it felt like it was going to be the right size but it just felt all wrong. I have had an Emerson Mini CQC-15 for the last couple years… here’s why I changed:

This was a great knife. Sharp as all and felt great in the hand. There were a couple things that drove me nuts though… the chisel grind. Just couldn’t get used to it. I also didn’t like the wave feature. It is the FASTEST most ELEGANT way of deploying a knife but it definitely scares the crap out of people. Worse yet, the wave thing causes the knife to open all the time… whether you are just taking it out of a bag or whatever… once slicing my finger pretty good. And a small thing but the rough G-10 grip that was by the clip made it rip up just about anything I clipped it on. Otherwise, I really liked it but never liked carrying it. And what use is a knife you never have. Ended up reaching for my cheap, old Mini-Grip most of the time. Which leads me to the PT.

Thought this was going to be the right size since it matched my Mini-Grip and the minus 3in blade allowed legal carry. But the PT felt cheap to me. Although it was the same build quality, the smaller size and the lighter heft just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t what I was expecting from Strider. The blade also felt short when I cut a few things. And the lego OD Green was more of a light green… combined with the silver hardware, it looked too civilized for what I was looking for. I also think I got a bum one with a dullish blade that had been demo’d too much. Lock up was solid though… no blade play. So that sent me to the SNG.

Now this is what I thought Strider would be like. Almost exactly the same size as the Emerson but lighter. A tank. It has the complete opposite lines as the Emerson but felt great in the hand and just the right size. The blade is super sharp and a good length. In an ideal world, I would have gotten the stonewash with the flame titanium but the PD-1 was available… I guess the coating will prove interesting as it wears. The lock up was again solid with no blade play. So much happier with this size and this was what I was EXPECTING to get. It is bigger and bulkier to carry but I am going to try out some things… more posts on that later. Just my 2 cents.. and some photos.

* DISCLAIMER: I am not in any line of business where I depend on these knives for my life. I consider myself outdoorsy, sporty, handy and a shade tree mechanic. I like nice tools. Not a collector so my Emerson is for sale and I look forward to using the SNG.

strider PT.